Corporate Outline

Miyazaki Machinery Systems Co., Ltd.

Name Miyazaki Machinery Systems Co., Ltd.
Address No.1 Nii, Kaizuka, Osaka 597-8588, Japan
Domestic & Overseas Bussiness Office
Founded April 1, 1945
Paid Up Capital 100 million yen
Employees 150
Banking The Risona Bank, Ltd., Kaizuka Branch
The Kinki Osaka Bank, Ltd., Kishiwada Branch
Shoko Kumiai Chuo Bank, Ltd., Sakai Branch
Osaka Bank & Trust, Ltd., Sakai Branch
Japan Finance Corporation, Ltd., Sakai Branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Bank, Ltd., Kaizuka Branch
The Main Board Kazuaki Miyazaki / President
Yuzo Terashita / Director Senior Executive Officer
Industry alliance University The University of Electro-Communications
Technical Affiliation Vesuvius McDonnell Corp. (USA)
Member Organization Japan Forming Machinery Association

Miyazaki Machinery Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Adress ​24N,JinShui Building,379 Pudong Road pudonq New Area,Shanghai 200120,China
STAFF President Kazuaki Miyazaki
General Director Hisanori Otsuka

A brief history of Miyazaki

1922 Harukazu Miyazaki inherits family smithing business and founds Miyazaki Iron Works at 906 Banti Naka in Kaizuka City as a machine repair facility.
1935 The company moves to new facilities at 550 Banti Mishi in Kaizuka City.
Miyazaki Iron Works is registered as an unlimited partnership and capitalized with 50,000 yen.
Manufacture of standing and drawind machines begins.
1945 Company incorporated as Miyazaki Iron Works, Ltd.
wth 900,000 yen capital investment. Harukazu Miyazaki becomes president.
1952 Harukazu Miyazaki makes technical vist to Europe after which design and manufacture of tubular type stranders and winders begins.
1955 Complete development of dry system accumulatingtype continuous wire drawing machine.
1961 Head office moves to new site at 1 Nii in Kaizaka City.
Successful testing leads to the first combined drawing machine produced in Japan.
1966 Jiro Miyazaki becomes president.
1976 Jiroemon Miyazaki becomes president.
1992 Major new construction projects are completed: factory refurbishing, office expansion, and construction of Mutual Benefit Soceity Hall, Employee Welfare Hall, and employee parking lot.
1993 Tosihiko Miyazaki becomes president.
2000 Begin work in ceramic processing with orders from Vesvius Corp. (Belgium)
2002 Receive ISO 9001 certification (2000 version)
Set up Specialty Machine Division for development and manufacture of new equipment and efficiency-improving devices relating to the semiconductor industry.
2005 Company name changed to Miyazaki Machinery Systems Co., Ltd.
2007 Kazuaki Miyazaki becomes president.
2009 Receive ISO 14001 certification.(2004 version)